“People were allowed to write like this?”

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Annie Reid.

Matthew over at Mumpsimus reflects on his true love of my grumpy boyfriend, Samuel Beckett:

The thing is, Beckett makes me laugh. That’s why I’ve stuck with him. Yes, there’s bleakness and dreariness and the-world-is-awful and all that, but before there is that there is laughter. A sad laughter, yes, but that just makes it more meaningful and complex.

Before the laughter, there is language. That’s what caused my first crush. It was “Happy Days”, and yes they were — high school, my head blown off. It took me forever to read the play. People were allowed to write like this? (“Embedded up to her waist in exact center of mound, WINNIE.”) I couldn’t make head or tail or kneecap of it. I wanted to know more. Who gave insane people pens to write with? Who published them?


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