Noah the Boa and other book-to-film miscellany

  • Richard Scarry’s Noah the Boa was the original snake on a plane. (Via Defamer, where there’s some lawsuit speculation. I just want an injunction against “motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane” chatter. Seriously, what the fuck? And I’m sure people in Hollywood are already working on knockoffs. Brace for Black Widows on a Cruise Ship, Scorpions on a Submarine, Hairy Tarantulas on the Dumbo Ride….)
  • A French playwright claims at least 15 to 20 scenes in Syriana — “the characters and how they develop, creative elements, the entire structure” — were lifted from a script she wrote in 2002.
  • Jonathan Safran Foer hosts “If This Is Kosher …,” a video exposé of the kosher meat industry. Foer argues that “modern animal farms violate Jewish law (halacha), which requires humane treatment of animals, and concludes that Jews should reject violence to animals and adopt a vegetarian diet.” (Via Bookninja.)


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