It’s triple feature time!

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Annie Reid.

One of the more trivial and delightful aspects of moving to Canada has been the staggering variety of strange candies, including strawberry-flavored Kit-Kats. You need a triple feature to have an excuse to get through them all. So, pull up the whiskey, whatever strange flavors of microwave popcorn you can get at the corner store, and some comfy pajamas because it’s fantasy triple feature time.

This time the theme is… Canadian Rock Mockumentaries! (And people, there are a lot of them. This is not even all of them. Truly.) Plus excess. And a little porn thrown in for good measure.

Hard Core Logo

Bruce MacDonald’s hilarious and strangely emotional story of a Canadian punk band reuniting for one final roadtrip. My friend K. says, “Spend two hours with Joe Dick’s rasping voice and Billy Tallent’s thrash guitar and you love them forever. The actors have gorgeous chemistry.” This is a brilliant movie and you should all go and see it. And then when you’ve all fallen in love with those boys you can go read some hot Hard Core Logo slash and/or read the book it’s based on, by the wonderful Michael Turner.


Terry and Dean: friends, drinking buddies, bandmates, mullet-heads. Sometimes it’s hard to grow up, eh?

It’s All Gone, Pete Tong

A star rave DJ goes deaf from years of standing in front of loudspeakers in clubs, so he’s alone with his cocaine addiction. But sometimes hitting rock bottom just gives you a place to bounce back up from.

Here in Canada it’s a three day weekend, the first legislated holiday since New Year’s, so the themes of over-indulgence and porno running through the films really aren’t much of an associative stretch. Happy Holidays, y’all!


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