It’s hard to be an SF writer

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Annie Reid.

Over at Metafilter, the site of community advice seeking and giving, SF writer RokkitNite asks that perennial question, “what faked-up synopsis of my book is most likely to win me kudos and myriad sexual adventures?”:

The problem is, it’s not highbrow literary fiction or a slickly-paced crime thriller, it’s a Fantasy novel full of weird creatures and elaborate contraptions and other stuff that I (and doubtless many kids) think is ‘neat’. Not the kind of stuff likely to play well with sophistimacated types of either sex. After countless experiences of watching eyes glaze over, I’ve decided to do the only sensible thing – lie through my teeth.
I need help cooking up the ‘ultimate’ novel synopsis, a book so perfect that it will have women falling at my feet like wheat in a hurricane while men look on with grudging admiration. What’s the faked-up story I should tell people I’m writing?

Much advice has been forthcoming.


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