Eudora Welty’s stacks survive

Eudora Welty’s home opens to the public for two days, April 29-30. After the open house, visitors will be allowed by appointment only. Welty’s niece, director of the home, has tried to replicate the writer’s way of life.

The first thing you notice at Eudora Welty House: the books. Thousands of them. Covering walls on floor-to-ceiling shelves, stacked on the coffee table, end tables, dining room table, piano bench and floor, sprawling across couches in the living room.

This was the home of a writer. And it was the home of a reader. The display is simply the way it was.

“When I came to visit, I’d have to move books out of the way for a place to sit,” said Mary Alice White, Welty’s niece and director of Eudora Welty House. “They’re covering about half a couch and of course, over here, the whole couch.

The Clarion Ledger offers pictorial galleries of the house and garden.


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