A year without a Santa Claus

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Annie Reid.

You might have noticed that when the Pulitzer Prizes were announced earlier this week, no play was selected, despite there being three nominees. The official website has an FAQ that, in answer to the question “Why in some years was there no award given in a particular category?”, says, “According to The Plan of Award ‘If in any year all the competitors in any category shall fall below the standard of excellence fixed by The Pulitzer Prize Board, the amount of such prize or prizes may be withheld.'”

The LA times finds out what the playwrights, including nominated Adam Rapp (for “Red Light in Winter”), think:

Rapp would have been happy if either of the other finalists, Christopher Durang for his play “Miss Witherspoon” or Rolin Jones for “The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow,” had won. (Jones’ play premiered at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa.) But Rapp added: “Not to name a winner when there are three plays worthy of being finalists is a little obnoxious. I feel like our vocation is a dying species in America. We need everyone supporting us as much as possible. Telling stories in the theater is an important thing. Playwrights are moving to the West Coast to do TV and film just to stay solvent.”


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