100 years since Beckett’s birth

Fathoms from Anywhere, a Samuel Beckett centenary exhibition, went live today. The Career section is particularly good, featuring manuscripts, cover art, illustrations, reviews, and more from the Ransom Center’s extensive archives.

Also possibly of interest:

  • Translations: “Soon after his return from France in 1953, Mr. Rosset wrote to Beckett about who should translate ‘Godot’: ‘If you would accept my first choice as translator, the whole thing would be easily settled. That choice of course being you.'”
  • Accurate renditions: “Often, the novels and plays as published aren’t the way Beckett intended them. Bad typesetting, lazy copyediting and blunders of various other kinds over the years left a series of mistakes — dropped lines, missing words, typos — which were compounded and passed on from edition to edition. Beckett himself once told his biographer that his manuscripts were ‘a terrible mess.’ And until now, nobody’s done anything about it.”
  • Schooldays: “Beckett spent one science class drawing ‘lewd caricatures’ of [a science master].”


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