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The Smart Set is a weekly feature, compiled by Lauren Cerand, that appears Mondays at 12:30pm and highlights the best of the week to come. Special favor is given to New York’s independent booksellers and venues, and low-cost and free events. Please send details to by the Thursday prior to publication, with the event’s date in the subject line.

MONDAY, 3.6: On the Upper West Side, a talented ensemble of writers, performers and musicians assembles for “Now and Then and Then and Now… An evening of stories and music from The Writer’s Voice and,” featuring Steve Holtje, Matthew Shipp, Therese Plummer, Ken Krimstein, James Braly, Laren Stover (Bohemian Manifesto) and Steve Dalachinsky. 7:30pm, free. On the Lower East Side, Marcy Dermansky (Twins) and Bill Gordon (Mary After All), both breakout debut novelists (and full disclosure, as always: clients of mine), take the stage at The Reader’s Room, at Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction. I’ve been asked to guest host the evening, so please do stop by and join us if you’re in the neighborhood! 7:00pm, no cover. Later on in the evening, in the same space, Marshall Hopkins, whose cartoons often appear in The New Yorker, performs with his “Cartoonist bluegrass band The Dougless Trio” as part of The Other Talent Show, hosted by Jon Friedman (The Rejection Show) and Michelle Collins. 8:30pm, $6.

TUESDAY, 3.7: Large-scale, minimalist sculptor Richard Serra discusses and signs copies of his new book, The Matter of Time at The Strand. A rare occasion, and highly recommended. 6:30pm, free.

WEDNESDAY, 3.8: Amanda Stern’s (The Long Haul) ever-excellent Happy Ending Reading Series features Janice Erlbaum (Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir), Rebecca Godfrey (Under the Bridge), and Dave King (The Ha-Ha). 8:00pm, no cover.

THURSDAY, 3.9: Via our favorite anonymous correspondent, the mysterious editor of the Hotel Chelsea Blog: “Celebrate the writing and life of Charles Bukowski on the anniversary of his birth. His work will be read by Roger Bonair Agard, Steve Cannon, Steve Dalachinsky, Bonny Finberg, Galinsky, John S. Hall, Bob Holman, David Huberman, Tsaurah Litzky, Big Mike, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Danny Shot, Moonshine Shorey & Deanna Zandt. Open Reading follows. Bring a poem of Bukowski’s to read! According to Tsaurah, Bukowski wrote several poems while staying here at the Chelsea. Thanks for the tip. We did not know.” At the Bowery Poetry Club. 10:00pm, no cover.

FRIDAY, 3.10: Heineken? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon is what you’ll drink tonight! Smuggle some in and it enjoy with the finest popcorn in town as Film Forum brings Blue Velvet back to the big screen for a limited run.

SATURDAY, 3.11: Don’t miss your last chance for “heart of gold and other expensive things,” an exhibition of paintings by Jeffrey Teuton at jen bekman (full disclosure, as always: I am the gallery’s p.r. director). Saturday hours are noon until 6pm (or by private appointment), free.

SUNDAY, 3.12: Calling all joycore lovers: Heloise and the Savoir-Faire Dancers and Maxi Geil! & Playcolt do NorthSix. 9:00pm, $12.

On the radar:

March 16: Clay McLeod Chapman brings his Pumpkin Pie Show to P.S. 122 — “This is it, people. This show has nearly been a year in the making. It has been a labor of love, fueled (and financed) by nothing but blood, sweat and tears. If you’ve ever loved me — then please, come see this show. I don’t care if you live in Canada. Please, bring your friends. Tell the world that this will be a performance not to miss. I’m not too proud to beg. This is the most exciting thing I have worked on in years and I whole-heartedly believe that it will be the biggest, boldest and downright craziest Pumpkin Pie Show yet. Want to know why? BECAUSE WE HAVE A MARCHING BAND. That’s why.

Think Sweet Valley High for terrorists. Cheerleaders double as suicide bombers. Guidance counselors are taken hostage by the A/V club. Students construct pine-box coffins in shop class. And blood is shed on the football field every Friday night. junta high explores the what-if scenario of transposing the current political imbroglio of modern Iraq within an American public high school. Each individual narrative stems from a different character found within this high school environment, spanning from students to teachers, parents and everyone in between – providing access to the inner machinations of people’s faith and fervor, blurring the lines between school spirit and holy wars.”

March 24-26: You have to go to Fruitville, Iowa to take him up on it, but the opportunity to spend a weekend with David Lynch does exist.

Coming to NYC April 6: Quality of Life [via Softskull] (full disclosure, as always: the filmmakers are clients of mine).

On heavy rotation: Sarah Blasko, The Overture & The Underscore.


The Smart Set’s April 3 edition will be dedicated to all things literary and luminous in Los Angeles, because that’s where I’ll be for a few days. Please send me your hot tips!


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