The naked baby photo of the new millennium

Says the Powell’s blog: “Buck up, young Eli Bazelon: It’s true that your mother today announced to readers worldwide that you enjoy books for girls, but …. assuming you become a celebrity or an online columnist, your Mom’s article should be relegated to the third or fourth page of search results when the kid sitting next to you in homeroom Googles your name.”

But seriously, George Murray testifies that his three-year-old son prefers stories about girls. And Max writes in to reject the idea that a boy’s affection for the early books in Wilder’s Little House series is necessarily reducible, as the Slate article posits, to the detailed information about prairie life.

It was interesting to read about the details of life on the frontier. But all that stuff was interwoven with the plots…. I wouldn’t have gotten as much out of non-fiction books with the same data about frontier life, but lacking the compelling stories that she told.


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