• From time to time, for obvious reasons, I think about picking up a used copy of one of those “get your shit together!” books. Fortunately, I can usually count on one of my slightly less shiftless friends to try the thing out first, thus saving me a couple bucks and the 15 minutes I would have spent reading the introduction. Thanks, Dana.
  • New questions and answers are up at The Chicago Manual of Style site. One begins like this: “A colleague insists that this sentence is both ungrammatical and misuses a metaphor: ‘One of the major benefits of cloned stem cells could be as a more accurate window on diseases.'”
  • Last fall Annie Reid listed Rand Burkert’s “The Stone Inscription of Caleb Pellor” as one of her favorite short stories. “What the hell happened to this guy? This is the only story I’ve ever been able to find,” she said. A reader named Vanni reports that Burkert “lives in Italy right now. He teaches English at school and has a passion for the cultivation of vegetables, especially tomatoes.”


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