Political round-up

  • TMFTML schools the Boston Herald on Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s hand gesture: “We don’t want to be all woppier than thou, but the literal translation of Va fa en culo is ‘Go put it in your ass.'” Sopranos cast members also weigh in.
  • Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll was freed in Iraq this morning after 82 days in captivity. “Finally,” says Laila Lalami, “some good news from that God-forsaken mess known as the ‘liberation’ of Iraq.”
  • Right-wing blogger Ben Domenech — who called Coretta Scott King a communist and criticized Bush for attending her funeral while “phon[ing] in a message to the March for Life” — was hired to write a “Red State” blog for the Washington Post last week but resigned when bloggers uncovered myriad instances of plagiarism in his past writings. Today Wonkette reveals that Domenech was previously fired by Regnery Publishing.
  • FBI agents took down the license plate numbers of anti-war protesters who met in a Denver bookstore parking lot to carpool to a rally in Colorado Springs. (Via Bookslut.)
  • In the current American Prospect, Jim Sleeper looks at “the conservative-movement pundits hot in pursuit of liberal-faculty subversion on the nation’s campuses.”


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