Political round-up

  • In political word usage news, decriptions of the president have become increasingly negative. Forty-eight percent of Pew survey respondents this month used words like incompetent, idiot, or liar when asked for their impressions of Bush. (Via GMB.)
  • Talk of impeachment is no longer on the fringes. The Wall Street Journal recently “ran a story analyzing how a planned impeachment of President Bush will play out as an ‘election issue,’ including a helpful pie chart showing 51 percent of Americans support Congress in considering Bush’s impeachment if he ‘didn’t tell the truth about the reasons for the Iraq war.'” (Read more about impeachment, and a brief excerpt from the Center for Constitutional Rights’ Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush, here. The book gets a mention — “Send Literature to Your Congressman” — in today’s Roll Call.)
  • In the current political climate, defenses of slavery appear to be acceptable fodder for “business journals.” (“I have long urged blacks to consider their presence here as the work of God, who wanted to bring them to this raw, new country and used slavery to achieve it.”)


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