NYPL purchases unseen Burroughs papers

The New York Public Library has purchased an 11,000-page William S. Burroughs archive. It includes:

draft versions and notes for virtually all of Burroughs’s works through 1972, said Isaac Gewirtz, curator of the Berg Collection. Most of the material in the archive from the 1960’s and 70’s has never been seen, except by Burroughs and his contemporaries.

In addition, the archive includes typescripts and manuscripts for numerous unpublished works, which Burroughs organized by date or subject matter or whim into numbered folios, or folders; some 3,000 pages of highly personal literary and artistic correspondence, collages, dream calendars, diaries, notebooks, more than 50 hours of unreleased tape recordings and hundreds of photographs by and of Burroughs, who died in 1997.

If you’ve never read Burroughs, start with Junky.


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