Murakami’s drafts sold without permission

Haruki Murakami has accused a former editor of illicitly selling his handwritten manuscripts. The Mainichi Daily News reports:

Murakami revealed that his manuscripts had been put on sale in an article in the April edition of “Bungei Shunju”, titled “Aru Henshusha no Sei to Shi” (The life and death of a certain editor).

The leaked works were published in the literary journal “Umi,” starting with the translation of Fitzgerald’s work, which appeared in the December 1980 edition of the journal. The journal was published by Chuo Koronsha (now Chuo Koron Shinsha).

Chuo Koron Shinsha said that Chuo Koronsha originally stored the handwritten manuscripts in a warehouse. However, the late Ken Yasuhara, who served as the editor of “Umi,” took several of them home without permission. He is believed to have sold them off to second-hand bookstores in 2002, the year before he died.


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