Friday afternoon miscellany

  • Terry Teachout took me to see John Patrick Shanley’s outstanding Doubt last year. He says Shanley’s Defiance is “a new play of identical quality, performed to perfection by an equally fine cast.”
  • Kevin Kinsella pares a forthcoming book from his ever-shrinking writer’s bio. “Now the book is more than a year past due,” he explains. “Any currency afforded to me by ‘is forthcoming’ has now all but lost its value…. Friends who once congratulated me now say ‘What’s up with that book?'”
  • Ben McIntyre cheers up literature. He starts with the opening line of Anna Karenina: “Happy families are just lovely; unhappy families are all the same, and tend to bang on about.”
  • “In the world of rock history tomes,” says Number One Hit Song, “Reynolds’ Rip It Up falls soundly between Greil Marcus’ intellectualism and Lester Bangs’ warfare.
  • “Anne Hathaway will star as British novelist Jane Austen in the film Becoming Jane. The film focuses on a love affair Austen began as a 20-year-old with brilliant, roguish Irishman Tom LeFroy.”


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