The Da Vinci Code and the MLA Handook

As a copyright action proceeds against Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown in the British courts, the Orlando Sentinel‘s book blogger wonders what a judgment against Brown might mean for fiction writers.

[M]aybe we could just start putting MLA citation notes after everything, like we had to do in high school and college:

Jack turned around and looked Mary, the sun casting a hazy glow around her delicate face.

“I can’t stay,” he said. “I have to follow the migration of the sandhill cranes to Mexico.” (Miller, 204)

“Mexico? But you’ll need a passport (Williams, 35), and lots of sunscreen (James, 75),” she replied. “What will you do?”

Jack stared back out across the ocean and held Mary close.

“Yo no se, mi amor (Beginner’s Guide to Spanish, 7),” he said. “Yo no se.”


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