Bestseller how-to guides and other wildly overhyped drivel

“[T]here’s a phenomenal amount of bad information out there about writing and publishing,” says Teresa Nielsen Hayden. Among the misinformation purveyors, apparently, is one Warren Whitlock, who “palm[s] himself off as a Marketing Results Coach, whereby he charges for the kind of advice that one normally hears about in spam.”

My overall guess is that Whitlock started out in the business of selling wildly overhyped sales & promotion advice to people who want to go into the business of selling wildly overhyped what-have-you. Now he’s noticed that the world is suddenly full of gormless self-published authors looking to promote their books (fallout from other people’s scams), so he’s declared himself a Book Marketing Expert, grafted the word “book” onto separate versions of all his basic scams, and started playing to that audience.

He knows absolutely nothing about writing, publishing, or marketing books. He’s either personally dishonest, or he’s wallowed in hype so long that he’s no longer able to tell the difference between truth and falsehood, which amounts to the same thing. Don’t do business with him. Don’t give him money. And for heaven’s sake, don’t listen to his advice.


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