Atwood draws Gowdy (and her brain-hiding skirt)

In 1990, Barbara Gowdy appeared on a televised book panel, and a fellow panelist made some “joking remark along the lines of… ‘You’re smarter than you look.'” Gowdy shut him down, saying, “‘There’s a big brain under this skirt.'”

Margaret Atwood saw the panel when it aired, held onto the memory for fifteen years, and finally reduced it to this cartoon, which she’s donated to support Canada’s Descant magazine. (The magazine’s latest issue is devoted to Gowdy, and includes an excerpt from her forthcoming novel.)

The auction happens at Descant’s party (details at the bottom of this page) in Toronto on Wednesday, March 8. Out-of-town bidders have until midnight tonight (the 7th) to get their absentee bids in.


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