Sick day

Something I have to re-learn every year: drunkenly tromping through the snow in leaky boots after midnight may invalidate your flu shot. Or at least it’ll remind you how closely the ear and throat are linked. By a fiery bridge of pain.

I’m going to spend the afternoon cozying up with a bottle of zinc and a Rupert Thomson interview. (Thomson’s just finished his latest book. He and I have been finalizing a brief Q&A that I’ll post sometime in the next few weeks.)

There’s also a fascinating Chronicle of Higher Ed article on new “ethnographic and archaeological evidence” that Herman Melville’s Typee isn’t quite “the unvarnished truth” the author claimed it to be in a preface. On the face of it, Typee chronicles Melville’s “sojourn, in 1842, among the sensuous, reportedly cannibalistic Typee.” But even his publisher suspected “the forbidden thing — the taint of fiction.” (Via Bookslut.)

Lauren Cerand’s events listings are below. I’ll be back soon.


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