Newsflash: White Teeth not true in every particular

Someone forgot to acquaint the latest truth-in-writing bandwagon-jumper with the definition of “fiction.”

White Teeth, the novel that won awards and catapulted its author Zadie Smith to fame has been denounced as being far from the truth by the person who is the model for one of its characters….

Haider Rahman [“the inspiration for Magid, one of the Muslim twins at the centre of the novel”] argues that the book was too optimistic and did not reflect his anger at “being alienated from British society”, and “and at the Asian community with which I’m in profound disagreement”. Rahman’s assessment of Britain provides a riposte to White Teeth and appears in a book by his former girlfriend Claire Berlinski to be published in New York next month. In Menace to Europe Rahman urges Britain to abandon multiculturalism, and accuses Bengalis of “not really integrating”.

Moorish Girl notes that Berlinski’s forthcoming book “has been praised by neo-con cheerleader Daniel Pipes.” For more on Rahman, see “Zadie didn’t tell the real race story.”


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