DiClaudio on mixing with the literati

My friend Dennis DiClaudio recently moved from Philly to Queens, but he’s so busy gallivanting from reading to reading that I hardly ever see him.* Yesterday he shed some light on his recent activities.

I go to a lot of literary events, because they’re cheap, and the girls there seem less averse to nerdy hair-thinning guys who can’t make a three-point shot to save their life. Not all of them are a great time. I’ve come to feel that the actual reading pre-drinking/talking portion is something one must endure for the chance to get at those girls. (I was at a poetry reading recently, and had the distinct impression of being splattered with hot grease.)

Also, listen to Dennis reading “Last Request,” an excellent Barthelme homage from the latest issue of Opium Magazine.

* Or maybe it’s just that, when you’ve seen one sodden evening in my company, you’ve seen more than enough. Perfectly understandable. But let the record show, DiClaudio, that I will bear a lifelong grudge against you for failing to invite me to the last-fucking-ever Punk Rock/Heavy Metal Karaoke night at the Continental.


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