Biblical economics

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Annie Reid.

Harper’s posts excerpts of another version of American history from “America’s Providential History, by Mark A. Beliles and Stephen K. McDowell, published by the Providence Foundation. The authors hold courses and seminars based on the book that were attended by more than 25,000 people in 2004.”

The loss of Christian character and responsibility led to the failure of many state banks in the early 1900s. In an effort to remedy this situation, power was granted to a Federal Reserve Board in 1913. But this unbiblical economic structure produced even greater problems. Within twenty years the stock market had crashed and America was in the midst of the Great Depression. With the propagation of socialism, people were ready for the “New Deal” of Franklin Roosevelt. Programs such as Social Security and other welfare agencies set up the State as provider rather than God.


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