The Great American Zombie Novel

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Annie Reid.

I was so touched last week when I saw that Maud had posted some zombie love on my behalf. Truly, I was moved. I’m a nice girl who just can’t help loving me some zombie. Someday, I’ll even write the Great American Zombie Novel. I just need to decide on a title, something with a classic ring. I’m getting it narrowed down. Some of the options I’m considering:

  • Zombie’s Complaint
  • The Adventures of Zombie Finn
  • The Zombie in the Rue Morgue
  • The Zombie and the Fury
  • Their Zombies were Watching God
  • The Zombie in the Rye
  • The Scarlet Zombie
  • The House of Seven Zombies

But I think I’ve got it down to two:

  • The Heart is a Zombie Hunter
  • Zombie Dick

Reader suggestions for this crass and undignified list will be, of course, welcomed with rapture.


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