Friday remainders of a random nature

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Emma Garman.

  • Harry Bingham looks at the genesis and history of the Index Translationum, the systematic record of book translations, which, in the absence of an aggregator of global books sales, is all we’ve got to indicate authors’ world popularity.
  • British novelist Louise Doughty has started a regular column for the Telegraph, Write a Novel in a Year. She warns: “Any letters or message board posts asking me how to get an agent or publisher will be weaved into a ceremonial pyre in my back garden and torched.”
  • Miss Snark heaps scorn upon the Sunday Times’ Booker-chapter-submission-hoax, concluding that agents are interested in commercially viable projects, and “pick a literary novel, any literary novel even from a Nobel Prize winner, and “respectable sales” over the course of YEARS is the height of achievement. Most of them sink like rocks. Rocks similar to the ones in the head of the Sunday Times editor who let this article run.”


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