All sold out

Overheard at the Barnes & Noble in Brooklyn Heights:

Lady: Excuse me, but I’m looking for a book.

Store chick: And?

Lady: I don’t remember the title or author, but the cover is purple.

Store chick: Our purple books are downstairs.

Lady: They sent me up here.

Store chick: We’re sold out of purple books. You want something in a yellow?

(Via Bookish.)

Update: Susan Ramsey (of Kalamazoo’s late Athena Bookshop) writes: “Good grief, this was always our fantasy…. Hope B&N keeps it up — that kind of service could save the indies. The real fun is starting from [the color] and actually figuring out what they’re after.”

And courtesy of Double-Tongued Word Wrester‘s proprietor: A bookstore arranged by color.


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