Wolfe, at death, thinks only of suit

The Miami Herald has the skinny on an upcoming Simpsons script featuring Gore Vidal, Tom Wolfe, Jonathan Franzen, and Michael Chabon. All but Vidal are crushed to death by a boulder.

“Franzen’s scream has a hint of falsetto; Chabon writhes as he lets out an anguished moan.” As for Tom Wolfe?

“Aaaaaaaahh! Wait, no, that wasn’t good, let me start over.”

“How did you scream last time a boulder was hurtling toward you?” asks Carolyn Omine, executive producer of The Simpsons.

“Why don’t you try, ‘Aaaaahhhh, my suit!'” suggests a rail-thin, nerdy-looking writer.

“Ahhhhh, my suit! It’s gabardine!” wails Wolfe, toward the microphone. “Well, but cops wear gabardine.”


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