Random things on a Thursday afternoon

  • J.M. Coetzee sits on the editorial advisory board for Wet Ink, a new magazine celebrating literary high-quality” Australian writing. Putting in a rare public appearance at the launch party, the Nobel laureate said the new magazine and others like it “constitute one of the best, and most attractive ways in which the culture of a nation expresses itself.”
  • André Aciman parses the existing translations of Swann’s Way, contends that Lydia Davis’ suffers from cadence trouble, and concludes: “If [Proust’s] English version needs updating and dressing down, then in light of the infusion of post-colonial Francophone works, of Verlan, Franglais, anti-Franglais, Beure, and post-deconstructuralist jargon, by the same logic perhaps it is time to update Proust’s French as well. Otherwise the moral couldn’t be simpler: leave well-enough alone.” (Via Languor Management.)


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