Sick day remainders

  • The Winter 2006 issue of The Threepenny Review is out. I’ve been too busy guzzling orange juice and eating raw garlic cloves to read any of the online samples yet, but they include a new A.L. Kennedy story called Family with Young Children.
  • Says John Banville in The Nation: “It is a pity that Party in the Blitz should stand as Canetti’s last word. He was, in his way, a great figure, one of the last of those omnivorous intellects produced by Old Europe in its dying decades before the catastrophe of World War II.”
  • “Harold Pinter, who is recuperating from cancer of the oesophagus, has been ordered by his doctor to cancel all public appearances relating to his recent Nobel Prize for Literature, according to a Reuters article.”
  • Fin-Olaf Jones remembers his father’s now-dismantled library, which contained not only 30,000 books, but Ernest Hemingway’s fan mail and one of Virginia Woolf’s original diaries.


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