Next up: Mary Magdalen does Dallas

The creators of a calendar featuring semi-nude portraits of Biblical figures explain their inspiration (select “Site on English” and “Calendar”):

The calendar was created together with the Lutheran Church in Katzwang and Stefan Wiest. The idea and the background were to get people interested in the topic Church. Of course there is only a thin line between the Bible`s topics and between nude photographies. After a few conversations we all agreed that we would not forcefully take Bible scenes and portray them nude but to take such scenes in which nudity was already present. We found that the “old masterpieces” were of great help and they were not as sensitive in their antique portrayals.

Oh, and please note:

All models are over 16 years old, the models under 18 have to bring a signature of their parents. So there are no laws against this project.

(Thanks, Maximus.)


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