A very transport Christmas

Didn’t you just know the transit authority’s Holiday Bonus Program was a harbinger of doom?

The MTA makes about as convincing a Father Christmas as George W. Bush (remember how far those “tax rebate checks” went?) would a Robin Hood. Okay, that’s not fair. I’m sure even the MTA has feelings. All the same, if you ripped off that bushy beard, I’ll bet you’d find a third set of books underneath it.

Reach deep into your pockets, Santa. You might discover a little change for the strikers jingling there.

Unlike everybody else, I was lucky today. I didn’t cross any bridges on foot or walk miles in the cold. I telecommuted, for the first time ever. But judging from my boss’s tone of voice, I’ll soon be joining my friend Medusa on her raft and then hoofing it down to work.

Update: Ms. Subways weighs in on the strike.


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