49,535 words to go

CAAF of Tingle Alley has signed on to participate in the third annual National Novel Writing Month.

I’m excited even though it’s a slightly insane proposition. A little sheepish, too, I don’t know why. I guess there’s an element to it that feels akin to being really into motorcycles because of some steppenwolfeian ideal that You Ride Alone, and then you join a gang and tool around every weekend Riding Alone with 20 other people, with a saddlebag on the back of your bike big enough to carry a tv, a filtration system, and a couple changes of clothes. (No offense meant to NaNoWriMo and fellow participants who don’t carry similar I Ride Alone baggage.)

However, I see this as an opportunity to conquer one of my main challenges as a novelist: rampant narcolepsy.

Read the whole post to see how putting the characters in a time loop could solve everything.


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