The fourth horseman of the apocalypse is text messaging me

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Annie Reid.

The Guardian reports on the inevitable — classics of western lit pulped dry and converted into text messages for mobile phones:

FeudTween2hses–Montague& Capulet. RomeoM falls_<3w/_ JulietC@mary Secretly Bt R kils J’s Coz&isbanishd. J fakes Death. As Part of Plan2b-w/R Bt_leter Bt It Nvr Reachs Him. Evry1confuzd— bothLuvrs kil Emselves.

Former Booker prize chair John Sutherland is backing the service:

Prof Sutherland said texting was an underused but promising educational resource. “Take the dot mobile ending to Jane Eyre for example – MadwyfSetsFyr2Haus,” he said. “Was ever a climax better compressed?”

Honey, if that’s your idea of a climax, we need to have a chat about a little blue pill.


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