Remains of the day – edition of shame

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Annie Reid.

  • Perhaps there really is a bright side to shaming your country and getting indicted! Just in time for Christmas, a nice big reprint of Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s 1996 novel The Apprentice, will be rolling off the presses. Used book sellers have been fetching hundreds for old paperback copies, particularly after word spread about the child/bear bestiality scene. The book’ll look awesome on your bookshelf, right next to Lynne Cheney’s Sisters.
  • Another book whose resale prices have gone through the roof is Brad Vice’s The Bear Bryant Funeral Train. After allegations of plagiarism earlier this week, and the publisher’s decision to pulp all remaining copies, the book is now fetching a minimum of $800 on (On a side note: Does anybody know if the actual excerpts from the books are compared anywhere online? Drop me a line at annie at maud newton dot com if you know.)
  • Over at the Tyee, Crawford Kilian makes the interesting assertion that Canadian (male) writers have more modest ambitions and hence, less success, than their American (male) counterparts, partly because they have less capacity for a sort of grandiose self-deception.

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