Remains of the day

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Annie Reid.

  • Anne-Marie O’Connor hangs out with the acclaimed literati (“‘I’m 82 now,’ Mailer said to the poet, as if his advanced age was a surprise, even to him. ‘I’m 86!’ Ferlinghetti replied, as if he, too, couldn’t believe it”) and contemplates what the explosion of awards might mean for the reading public.
  • Whitbread Prize shortlist announced: Zadie Smith, Banville, Barnes out; Rushdie, Hornby, Ali Smith, Christopher Wilson and Rachel Zadok (discovered thanks to Richard and Judy) in.
  • British asshole – sorry, sorry, I meant “revisionist” – David Irving has been arrested in Austria under laws making it a crime to deny the Holocaust. While I’m too much of a die-hard free speech advocate to think this is a good idea, I must confess I did smile while reading the news.
  • Harper’s venerable editor, Lewis Lapham, is retiring.
  • MJ Rose talks about marketing erotica over at her blog. (Ripped off from someone – I think it was Bookslut.)

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