Rape hilarity

Apparently six million people read Gawker each month. Endlessly entertained though I am by incoherent wisecracks about rapes, traffic fatalities, and the dietary habits of celebrities, I am not one of them.

Today David Carr takes a look at Gawker’s gleeful coverage of a recent 13-hour sexual assault. Normally a brutal sex crime would elicit nothing more from the site than a sociopathic “Oh, thank God. Things were almost quiet for a second.”

But the police named a minor media figure as a suspect, inspiring simultaneous orgasms at Gawker HQ and an unfunny series of related polls and gossip items. As Carr observes, “no detail has been left out in search of a surfeit of laughs, including the name of [a different] woman that Mr. Braunstein was convicted of stalking.” (Emphasis added. See also “we also can’t help but wonder which Law & Order this story will be on,” via Number One Hit Song.)


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