Phil Campbell’s book party

I usually leave events listings to the illustrious Lauren Cerand, who, bless her soul, posts highlights every Monday with little or no input from me.

I’m making an exception for my friend Phil Campbell’s book party. It’ll be held tonight at Lolita, a bar at the corner of Broome and Allan, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Outside the book blogs, the Seattle press, and the Boston Globe, Campbell’s excellent Zioncheck for President has received scant attention. Maybe the neglect is a symptom of the usual difficulties of small press authors. Possibly people dismiss the story of a doomed Seattle grassroots campaign as a throwaway regional anecdote. Whatever the cause, it isn’t Campbell’s writing. (Here’s a slightly modified, out-of-context excerpt from the book. If you’d like a sample of his other work, try this on for size.)

Campbell won’t be reading, but he’ll have some copies of Zioncheck on hand. The event is a joint celebration with Ron Hogan, who has a film-related coffee table book out.


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