Harry Potter, Russian folk art style. When Kevin reads a book in public, somebody ends up wanting a blow job. Dan Rhodes, author of the magnificent Timoleon Vieta Come Home, has a website. (Via 3am.) Drugs are Nice writer/post-punk goddess Lisa Carver is attacked for dishing on the Church of Satan’s founder. J.T. Leroy’s NY Times piece gets killed. Fake books in Ukraine. (Via LM.) Staples book displays. Brace for a new wave of Narnia skirmishes.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus is shortlisted for a third prize. Zadie Smith on novel writing: “That is the biggest treat of fiction that nobody ever really admits to — that every character is just a little bit of you.” The curse of being labelled the “new Zadie Smith.” Auster’s Brooklyn Follies appears soon. A.L. Kennedy’s standup routine garners praise in the Times, jeers in the Herald. (Via TEV.) Nadine Gordimer’s latest novel is accused of “tend[ing] uncomfortably towards self-parody.” William Gass on teaching MFA students: “I made them read Henry James. And some kid said, Well, he must’ve been all right in his time. I wanted to hit him.” (Via TRE.)

Rick Perlstein reviews a new book on the anti-Fonda cult. Veteran’s Day links, some literary. Phillis Wheatley letter up for auction.


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