Signing off

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Annie Reid.

That’s all for me. It’s autumn now, and with the melancholic falling of leaves of every hue, the heart turns, as it often does, lo, as it must, to zombies. The guests are bringing over some bucket of blood/barrel of laughs type things like Shaun of the Dead and Dead Alive. The issue becomes, of course, what is appropriate to serve for dinner while watching the undead feast upon the brains of the living? I must go problem-solve. White wine, for sure – that’s easy – but the rest?

It’s a relief to report the return of Maud come Monday.

(Oh, and one more thing. Confidentially? To the Newt? I can see you think you got a handle on things. You fling up a picture of some skittery one-horn, and think you got you some primo unicorn action going on, don’t you? Well, I don’t know if you got the stuff. Yeah, welcome to my unicorn smackdown. Check this out. Oh yeah, baby. You been served.)

See you next week.


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