Red velvety fun is elsewhere

Annie Reid takes over around here most Fridays, but not today. She writes:

The monitor on the ol’ laptop is burning out (I think this is what is happening as it vibrates like a giant is going shakety shake), so I need to figure out a solution…. Am fighting a cold in addition, so my whining functions are at high alert.

I referred Ms. Reid to the very same cold remedy she sent me last week, with the caveat that the elixir may quell the virus on Friday but there’s no guarantee it won’t kick the germs into high gear in time for a nasty-ass — no pun intended — conclusion to the weekend. Not to mention gastroenteric distress the whole week following. (But hey, Annie: there’s always my granny’s favorite home cure.)

I’ll post some things in the early afternoon. For now I’ll refer you to the delightful Ms. Tayari Jones‘ guest-blogging stint at The Old Hag‘s site. Jones is probably best known in these parts as the author of a guest opinion, entitled “The Colored Section,” about separate African American sections in bookstores.

She’s also the author of a fine novel called The Untelling. And she’s been talking about Percival Everett and other matters literary, not to mention giving away her mama’s recipe for Red Velvet Cake. “[I]t’s really not mine to share,” Jones acknowledges. “But then, I look back on all my business that wasn’t really hers to share, yet she felt comfortable whispering it to her bridge club…”

So hie thee to the Old Hagge’s quarters. I’ll see you later.


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