Oh me of little faith

I should have known better than to give up on Coetzee fifty pages in. (Eighth item.) Randa Jarrar nearly stalled out with the aptly-named Slow Man in the same place I did. But she pressed on.

when Paul Rayment, our one-legged hero, falls in love with Marijana, his once-upon-a-time- in-Croatia restoration-queen-turned-nurse, my boredom crept in quickly, and sunk roots. I was done with Paul. So he’d lost a leg, from the knee down, so what? “Move on, Paul,” I thought. “Move on and please do something worth reading about.”

This is around when Elizabeth waltzes in, out of breath and wanting Paul to do what I want him to do: get it together and “make a case” for himself. She’s about to give up on him. We have a lot in common, already, this reader and the Costello woman, so I take a liking to her.


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