Miami awaits seminal South Beach novel, gets star-fucker memoir

Brett Sokol of Miami’s New Times wonders why Bret Easton Ellis — or somebody — hasn’t written a novel skewering South Beach. Ellis isn’t interested: “You could do ‘The South Beach Novel’ in any major city now…. The whole world has gone South Beach.”

Dunno about that. For starters, I’ve been looking out my window here at work on and off all afternoon and I haven’t seen a single thong-clad girl with Tomb Raider tits zipping by on roller blades.

Regardless, let’s all thank our lucky stars that some former SoBe scenester has arrived to fill this vast cultural chasm with Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves: The Memoirs of a South Beach Party Girl. She’s pitching herself as this century’s answer to Anthony Trollope, but with a slight flavor of, like, Bergdorf Blondes. (Via Voltage.)


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