J.T. Leroy: a 39-year-old mother from Brooklyn?

Stephen Beachy tries to hunt down J.T. Leroy, to little avail.

S/he believed that I had an agenda and was lacking in “purity of intent.” I asked JT to meet with me in person, to show me a Social Security card or a passport. “Why?” s/he asked. “This is your issue. I don’t have any burning desire to be proven to be real.” I asked if s/he was born in West Virginia. “I am not doing an interview with you,” s/he replied. S/he did ask me to be aware that there was a child involved. “I do have a child, and that I wanna protect.”

Update: The proprietress of Number One Hit Song asks, “why has the unraveling of the JT LeRoy hoax taken so damned long?” — and then posits “Because, like Fox Mulder, people Want to Believe.”


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