“You felled Babylon the Great!”

In a warm, approving letter to President Bush, Ignatius J. Reilly (of A Confederacy of Dunces) presents “a manifesto, a proposal, a parvum opus.”

For starters, I have watched your goings-on for some time now. The fin de siecle appearance of your administration, especially after the rampant degeneracy of that satyr Clinton and his panting ilk, was a most welcome disruption of the general malaise of things. You effected revolutionary and deleterious change on the rosy status quo. How I hated that corrupt, fallen status quo. (Incidentally, this falls rather in line with a scheme I posited — which you no doubt have noticed in your readings — wherein pederasts and degenerates would be encouraged to gain high office — the presidency, perhaps — which station they would then neglect as they attended to their sexual and narcotic appetites. There would be no more war, because there would be no one to start the wars — everyone flitting off to parties and such. Your scheme, however, one of sustained, systemic breakdown, appears to be the work of quiet genius, even if it has had the regretful, short-term effect of increasing the incidence of war.)

You stemmed this people’s lemming-like rush after prosperity, you marshaled lagging school children, and you brought zealous religiosity again to the national discourse. You rebuked the Old World! You felled Babylon the Great! (The lazy masses, the picayune media [those bankrupt souls], might raise captious and frivolous objections to these deeds, but I, Sir, say to you [as even God himself might say]: WELL DONE.)


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