Writers in ballgowns

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

The nominations for Canada’s Giller Prize were announced yesterday. For those of you Americans who might, for some strange reason, not have heard of this major Canadian writing award, this is some glitzy deal. In addition to the weird candy bars (strawberry Kit Kats!) and the poutine, one of the many great things about Canada is that the Giller ceremony is televised! Live! On CBC! It’s like the Oscars except that writers tend to look way more self-conscious in floofy evening gowns. Except for Alice Munro, natch. The nominees are:

  • Joan Barfoot, for Luck
  • David Bergen for The Time in Between
  • Camilla Gibb for Sweetness in the Belly
  • Lisa Moore for Alligator
  • Edeet Ravel for A Wall of Light

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