Winterson, for children

Bloomsbury will publish Jeanette Winterson‘s first children’s novel, Tanglewreck, in July of next year. (Via Publishers Lunch.)

Earlier this year, Winterson reflected on children’s stories after visiting “Legoland” with her godsons.

[The park is] great, yes it is, but what I want to know is why does Prince Charming need a mobile phone, and why is the Red Riding Hood wolf watching TV? All the fairy tale Lego has been modernised with gadgets. Result? Disaster. What was timeless has been manhandled into time. What was about the imagination has become a product placement exercise….

Mobile phones and tellys signal the safe, the known, the everyday, which is not the world of fairy tales. These stories are strange, and they should remain strange, and that is what the best re-workings respect.


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