Until soon

Right now I’m going to call the White House and my Senators and demand immediate “airdrops of relief material from large military transport planes.”

Afterward, until Max and I fly out to visit his mom and stepdad in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this weekend, I’ll be doing more of what I’ve been up to all week: pulling out my hair, reloading news feeds, and hanging out at lefty blogs like Daily Kos and Atrios. (Sure, you’ve gotta separate the wheat from the chaff at those sites, but it’s like that anywhere.) And soon I’ll put in some time at the Red Cross call center.

Writer Stephen Elliott is traveling down to the Gulf Coast. You can check in at his blog for reports. Also, keep on eye on Wolcott and one of my favorite Cajuns.

Oh, and if you donate to the Lake George relief efforts, do not, under any circumstances, give money to Pat Robertson’s, ahem, “Operation Blessing.” It’s right at the top of FEMA’s suggested Katrina donation spots, but they don’t mention the diamond mine brouhaha. Unless you know of something better, send your money to the Red Cross or some other reputable institution, like Noah’s Wish.

I’ll be back from Michigan next Wednesday, and will post at least one guest review and Roy Kesey’s massive interview with George Saunders. It may be quiet around here until then.

How you can help — updates:

  • A friend writes, “Oxfam is another great place for contributions. I don’t give $$ to the Red Cross because they still won’t allow anyone who has participated in gay sex to donate blood, regardless of HIV status.”
  • Support education in the aftermath of Katrina by giving to the American Public School Endowments, which promises that “100% of all donations … will go to help rebuild school districts in the ravaged areas, and to assist school districts absorbing refugee students.” (If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of the organization, read this recent article from The Book Standard.)


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