Something is rotten, etc.

Okay, so babies are starving to death, old men are dying of seizures, floating corpses are being pushed aside with sticks. I read a news story somewhere in which a woman reported seeing hundreds of her neighbors’ bodies, including a flawless baby girl, floating through the 9th ward.

Three full days after Katrina pulled out of New Orleans, people are still baking on rooftops. And those who were “rescued” have been stranded without food and water on the docks and in the Superdome. (Some graphic, heart-rending photographs are available here.)

The Coast Guard is overtaxed. A significant percentage of Louisiania’s and Mississippi’s National Guard and a bunch of their high water vehicles and other useful equipment are in Iraq, and so far it seems the guardsmen and women that are in the city are there to quell the looting rather than help with the search-and-rescue efforts. Now that other states are volunteering their own people, the number of available National Guard troops in the region will increase by 10,000. But will there be enough? There are no plans to shift soldiers home.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is over on Fifth Avenue buying $1000 worth of Ferragamos. It’s not like there’s a national crisis or anything; only black folks are dying, after all.

Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois suggests we just let the corpses and the whole city rot. Today the RNC sent out email asking its supporters to get behind more tax cuts.


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