Roberts: I don’t really get this whole First Amendment thing

Dahlia Lithwick charts the Democrats’ efforts, reminiscent of a “bad method acting class,” to draw out “Judge Roberts, the man,” rather than “Judge Roberts, the legal automaton,” on issues like artificial life support. But don’t they know, Lithwick asks, that “Vulcans only get feelings once every seven years? And then only long enough to mate?”

From the sound of things, the Democrats got approximately one straight answer out of Roberts yesterday, to the question, “Would you agree that the opposite of being dead is being alive?” (Roberts: “yes.”)

The Republicans received considerably more yes responses.

GRAHAM: Were you proud to work for Ronald Reagan?
ROBERTS: Very much, Senator, yes.

“Given time,” says Wonkette, “Graham would have continued: ‘Did anyone ever tell you your eyes are the most amazing shade of blue?'”

Today, though, when asked about the Bush administration’s efforts to restrict media coverage of the war on Iraq and the New Orleans recovery efforts, Roberts claimed he “was not ‘up to speed’ on First Amendment precedents.”


  • Funny: Roberts stonewalls on “The Dark Knight Returns — a four-part, 1986 mini-series in which Batman defeats Superman in hand-to-hand combat.” (Via Bookslut.)


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