More flanimals

Stephanie Merritt thought Ricky Gervais’ first Flanimals book was “a bit fraudulent.” Although ostensibly a children’s book, it sold to The Office minions because of Gervais’ celebrity, when “all he had done was come up with a series of enjoyably silly names (with echoes of Edward Lear) and had Rob Steen create some imaginative computer graphics to go with them; there was nothing in the way of story.”

But she calls the sequel, More Flanimals, “an improvement in every way.”

Here we get Flanimal evolution versus creationism: the Flanimals are more grotesque and feral than in the earlier book and there are hints of double entendres, and, finally, a rather bleakly existentialist bedtime story involving a baby ‘Blunging’ and a ‘Gumbnumbly Knunk Knunk’.


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