Literary hate mail forgery charges

For a laugh, every once in a while, I check the blog maintained by Karl “King” Wenclas, the Underground Literary Alliance’s Dictator of the People. Last time I stopped in, the Great Leader was writing missives from the Planet Zytron. I shit you not, people. Take a look.

Patrick Simonelli of the ULA redirects my attention to the blog and to the ULA site, where Wenclas says some hate mail attributed to him, signed with an “X,” and included in a recent Ruminator interview is a fake. The likely suspects? Everybody at McSweeney’s! The man behind Lemony Snicket! David Sedaris! Paid hitmen from Planet Zytron!

Free tip of the day: A former FBI agent once told me that the government radio broadcasts through your fillings will stop if you stick a wire in your ear and touch the other end to the radiator.


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